Concept 2 Rowing Machine Review

Rowing Machines have always been one of the best forms of workout and well, if you are one health freak to have that amazing kind of body, then there is no way in this world that you would not be using the rowing machines.

However, there are always different kinds of machines available and well, the concept 2 rowing machine is also one such kind of machine. So, we will be giving you a concept 2 rowing machine review here.

concept 2 rowing machine

Review of concept2 rowing machine in 2017


Made within the USA: Concept2 rowers are created within the USA. The corporate is headquartered in Morrisville, Vermont and offers tours of its progressive manufacturing plant.

Easy Assembly: collection the Model D solely takes regarding 20-30 minutes. The fundamental work involves twisting eight screws to connect the machine’s metallic element legs.

Air Resistance: The air resistance system produces nominal noise whereas causing a pleasant breeze. A damper allows you to regulate the flow to alter the texture of the stroke, conjointly the resistance also changes in response to rider effort. The additional intensely you row, the additional resistance is generated. This makes the Model D applicable for novices through high rowers.

Performance Monitor: The backlit Performance Monitor five (PM5) sets Concept2 rowers aside from competitors. It is subtle however straightforward to use. It includes games, workouts and session feedback. Wireless property makes transferring the physical exertion knowledge terribly straightforward.

Optional Slide: Concept2 slides are really a choice for on-water simulation. The slides attach to the boater machines with bungee cord cords and suspend them for a floating sensation. For team coaching the slides will connect multiple Concept2 athletics machines.

Ergonomic Handle: The machine’s applied science athletics handle encompasses a 10-degree bend, that supports a natural athletics position.

Wireless rate Data: The PM5 will work with ATN and Bluetooth to indicate rate knowledge.

Low Profile: The seat is simply 14″ from the bottom.

Adjustable Footrests: Footrests on the Concept2 Model D boater are quite adjustable to suit a large vary of shoe sizes.

Easy to Store: The Concept2 boater divides into 2 sections for straightforward storing. No tools are needed to require the machine apart for storage.

Transport Wheels: Caster wheels at the front of the boater create it straightforward to roll into position.

High Capacity: The most user weight capability is five hundred pounds.

Good Warranty:  The Concept2 Model D is roofed by a restricted five-year assurance on the frame and biennial assurance on the pc and moving components.


Here are a couple of potential drawbacks of the Model D:

Some Maintenance Required: This boater encompasses a sensible quality nickel-plated chain. it’s partially exposed and needs occasional oiling. Some riders report that they have to grease the chain when for the smoothest ride. The chain on the Model E is totally sheathed.

Plastic Monitor Arm: we have a tendency to just like the monitor arm feature as a result of it allows you to bring the monitor near the machine or keep it out of the approach. (On different rowers, the screen is fastened too far to be helpful.) However, the arm is plastic. Metal arms ar used on the Model E and therefore the Concept2 Dynamic rowers.